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Stainless steel elbow
Stainless steel elbow

    Stainless steel elbow

    Stainless steel elbow is in pipeline system, bend is the pipe fitting that changes pipeline direction...



Stainless steel elbow is in pipeline system, bend is the pipe fitting that changes pipeline direction. Points according to the Angle 45 ° and 90 ° 180 ° three kinds of commonly used, according to the requirements of the project also includes 60 °, and other abnormal Angle bend. Stainless steel elbow is different from carbon steel elbow, which is mainly made of materials. Its chemical composition will keep the curved surface for a long time without rust and will not be corroded.

According to the standard production can be:

1. The division of manufacturing standards can be divided into national standard, ship standard, electric standard, water standard, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard and so on.

2. It can be divided into two categories: push, press, forging and casting.

90 ° bend is mainly used for stainless steel pipe installation, a connecting pipe used for connection pipe bend. Connect two of the same or different nominal diameter tube, and make the line turn 90 °.

Stainless steel

It is usually added to the carbon steel based on the high proportion of Cr, Ni and other alloys, the content proportion can reach over 20%. The common types of steel are: 304,304 L, 321,316,316 L, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0cr18ni9, the first several steel Numbers expressed in the number of Numbers as Japan, the American steel signal method, and the latter one (1Cr18Ni9Ti) as the domestic steel number method.

Features: stainless steel strength, toughness index is good in all kinds of steel, the most prominent advantage is corrosion resistant, in chemical industry, papermaking and other corrosive strong occasion must be used stainless steel, of course, the cost is higher!

Stainless steel elbow is different from carbon steel elbow, which is mainly made of materials. Its chemical composition will keep the curved surface for a long time without rust and will not be corroded.

The use and maintenance of the stainless steel elbow requires a lot of attention, which requires users to use it according to certain methods, and use and maintain in accordance with accurate and reasonable methods. Precautions are as follows:

1. Long stored stainless steel elbow, should be timely check, often appear the processing surface should be clean, remove dirt, neatly stored in a dry indoor drafty place, it is strictly prohibited stacking or in open air. Always keep the drying and ventilation of stainless steel elbow, keep the device clean and tidy, and store it according to the accurate storage method.

2. When installing, the stainless steel elbow can be installed directly on the tube by connecting mode, and installed according to the position used. In general, can be installed on the pipeline at any position, but need to test for easy manipulation, should pay attention to the flow direction of medium by the stainless steel elbow is high, the longitudinal disc below stainless steel elbow can only be installed horizontally. The stainless steel elbow should be attentive to the seal during installation to prevent the leakage and affect the normal operation of the pipe.

3. The ball valve of stainless steel elbow, globe valve, when used by gate valve, can only be fully open or fully closed, and do not agree to regulate the flow, so as to prevent the sealing cover from erosion and accelerate wear and tear. The gate valve and the upper thread globe valve have a backsealing device, and the handwheel is screwed to the top position to prevent the leakage of the medium from the filling.

4. Use handwheel for stainless steel elbow, do not use lever or other tool to avoid damage valve parts. The handwheel turns clockwise to be closed, and vice versa. The use of children should be reasonable, ensuring accurate use of methods and means.

5. The bolts of the packing gland of the stainless steel elbow should be tightened on average and should not be compressed into an Angle so as not to hurt the stem movement or cause the leakage.

6. In the process of use, the stainless steel elbow should always be kept clean, and the transmission thread must be lubricated in time. When the fault is found, it should be stopped and used immediately, and find out the reason for the failure.

The machining method of stainless steel elbow fitting

There are many kinds of machining methods for stainless steel elbow fittings. Many of them belong to the category of mechanical processing. The most used are stamping, forging, rolling, rolling, rolling, stretching, bending, and combining. Pipe fitting is an organic combination of machining and metal pressure machining. Forging press: the pipe end or part of the pipe is extended by a type forging machine to reduce the outer diameter and the common type forging machine has rotary type, connecting rod type and roller type. Punching method: the tube end is extended to the required size and shape with a taper core in stainless steel elbow. Roller method: in the stainless steel punching elbow, the core is placed, and the outer circumference is pushed by the roller to be used for round edge processing.

Main types of stainless steel elbow:

A pipe fitting with a flange and a round edge. The former refers to the end of the tube to the inside or outer convex, which refers to the pipe that forms a raised or grooved in the circumference of the tube;

2. The pipe fitting of the wall thickness of stainless steel elbow, which means the wall thickness changes along the length of the pipe;

3. Bend pipe fittings of stainless steel elbow, we have a lot of contact, which is to turn the straight pipe into a curved pipe with different curvature radius, such as elbow, bend, etc.

4. Steel elbow variable diameter pipe fitting, which refers to the reduction of the diameter of a part of the pipe or pipe;

5. Pipe fittings with winding edge and sealing type, increase the total strength of the pipe end to the outside of the tube or the inner edge of the pipe or the pipe fitting of the pipe part;

6. Change the pipe fitting of the section. According to the requirements, the circular section shall be turned into square, oval, polygon and so on.



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