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Cangzhou xin peng zhiyuan, pipe fittings co., LTD., mainly produce seamless ELBOW, TEE, reducer (CON RED/ECC RED), FLANGES , and other steel butt welding pipe fittings series, with advanced production technology and perfect testing equipment, collection of induction excluding, cold extrusion, hot pressing, forging, forging pressing, machining, heat treatment, can according to customer requirements, complete the ISO, HNSI, JIS, DW, GB standards such as high, medium, low pressure products, production capacity can reach 20000 tons.

Company has passed the ISO 9000 quality system certification, a variety of testing equipment, testing strength, products from Morocco, Turkey, Ukraine, the Middle East, southeast Asia, Taiwan and other merchants high praise.

Company consistently adhere to the "kernel of benefit, seek righteousness" business strategy and the management belief of the "first choice will make the man" faith, perfect quality, strives for perfection, standardized operation, make the product qualification rate reached 100%.

All the equipment and process of our company are specially made for export products, which are tailored to make the export business bigger and stronger for the purpose of the company, and we welcome our friends to contact us for guidance.

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